1 Apr

Trip duration: 1 day
Travel duration: 1 – 1,5 hours
Travel price: 7.60€ return (4.60€ return S-bahn + 3€ ferry)

How to get there from Berlin
S-Bahn to Wannsee Bhf
Bus 218 to Pfaueninsel
Ferry to Pfaueninsel
      November – February 10-16h
      March – October 9-18h
      April – September 9-19h
      May – August 8-21h

Pfaueninsel means Peacock Island, and indeed there are peacocks. It’s a tiny well preserved island, with some peacocks, a very ugly turkey, some roosters, wild ducks and swans. oh, and three horses!

Pfaueninsel, to be honest, was quite a big deception. I had heard of how beautiful this island was, and it is sure beautiful, but not enjoyable for anything else than for going for an hour or two walk. It is forbidden to lay down in any field where is not permitted (that I know there is only one, which I didn’t find). If you do lay, they will come tell you to stand up and leave. That was quite a disappointment. Also, the shore is completely out of reach for anyone since it is circumvolved by electric fences. That is a big big deception. So forget about swimming, laying under the sun or having a picnic by the shore. The truth is: the walk is nice, but even that is not that fun. It’s too full of people.

For those who want to go anyways, I would recommend to walk by the shore on the side of the Wannsee and there you will be permitted to lay down and have your sandwich. We had a very good time looking at ducks and laying under the sun.



Where to eat
In Pfaueninsel there is nowhere to eat. If you want to eat you will have to bring it with you or sit down at the restaurant right in fron of the island. Prices are normal, pleasant for a drink or a cake.

Wirtshaus zur Pfaueninsel
Pfaueninselchaussee 100
14109 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 8052225

For those who want to have a quick bite, when you get out of the S-Bahn you will find a small shop inside of the station with fruit. Outside of the station, on the oposite side of the bus, there are many little food shops. I ate a Thüringer Boulette and was delicious!

What to do
– walk around the park and admire the nature and animals
– bird watching
– listen to the peacocks!! such a strange sound
– visit the castle
– visit the old farm
– walk on the other side of the the shore, around the Wannsee
– walk through the forest back to the city
– have an ice-cream on the dock


More about the Pfaueninsel
In English
In German (extended)


Buckow (Märkische Schweiz)

28 Mar

Trip duration: 1-2 days
Travel duration: 2 hours
Travel price: 19.80€ return (2.10€ S-Bahn, 6.4€ Eisenbahn, 1.40€ Bus)
Accommodation price: from 15€ to 75€ per night/per person

Buckow is a very small town in the middle of the Märkische Schweiz, a natural park. It is surrounded by lakes and forests, quiet and relaxing. Full of little restaurants, cafes, paths through the forest and around the lake. It’s the perfect place to relax and lay under the sun and swim in the lake in summer, and the perfect place to play with the snow and ice-skate on the lake in winter.

It also has a taste of past better times, maybe during the DDR. Some buildings by the lake are abandoned and not particularly protected to not be trespassed. For those who like abandoned buildings, here you will find some interesting ones.

How to get there from Berlin
Go to the S-Bahn Station Lichtenberg (2.30€)
Take the Eisenbahn to Müncheberg (6.40€ / 40min.)
In Müncheberg take the bus 928 to Bückow Markt (1.40€ / 15min.)

Where to sleep
You can find quite a wide range of hotels and rooms for the size of the town. I recommend you to check this website ( and decide for your own.

Our personal experience was renting a room at Familie Grahl’s house, at the top floor with views to the lake. This lovely old couple rent their only left room and share with their costumers thier gorgeous terrace with a dock, boat and swans directly on the lake. The room is quite particular: it has a kitchen and everything you need to live there. A TV, a kettle, coffee machine, toaster, enormous double bed, a DDR radio and a bathroom outside the room with a shower.

Costs: 15€ per night/per person (+2,5€ if it’s a short stay)
Breakfast: 4€ per person

Frau Inge Grahl
+49 (0) 33 433 572 83
Hauptstraße 9,15377 Buckow

Where to eat
If you are planning to go there on a weekend and you will arrive in town later than saturday at noon, make sure you have money to pay your meals at a restaurant or bring your own food. The only supermarket in town closes on saturday at noon and opens on sunday from 8:00 to 10:00am. In case you didn’t pack food or bring money, there is a Sparkasse in the center of town.

There is a wide range of restaurants in this little town, but definitely, the only one I would repeat would be the Fischerkehle. This place is a bit far from everything else. Hidden in the path around the Schermützesee, in a little bay, looking at the lake there is this villa-looking like restaurant. Every single detail is thought through in this restaurant. You have old silver cutlery, old glass pendant lamps, beautiful table cloths, an excellent service and a touch of glamour.

Am Fischerberg
715377 Buckow
+49 (0) 33 433 374

To get to this lovely place you have to walk through the path around the Schermützesee, starting from Berthol-Brecht’s house. It’s a lovely walk and a hot chocolate with cream will compensate the walk.

A good option when it’s hot is the Restaurant right across the beach in Wriezener Straße. I can’t recall the name, but it’s a good place for an easy cheap meal or a good cake.

Here’s a list of restaurants in the area:

What to do
Walk around the lake Schermützesee
Walk through the forest and visit other lakes (Tornowsee)
Swim in the lake
Rent a rowboat
Get on a boat around the lake for 1h
Eat an ice cream at the beach
Bird watching
Sneak in abandoned buildings

for those who speak german
things to visit
“wandern” routes
bike trips